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October 15th

Happening now!

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Your personal invite from our co-founder

We're doing things differently this time.

Our same dynamic keynotes, plus the chance to interact and get personal in over 40 roundtable discussions.

If you're tired of the usual webinar format and would like to learn how industry experts and decision-makers are thriving amid a pandemic, then welcome to a brand new CX Summit.




Thriving Amid a Pandemic: How Did it Happen?


Nick Chong

Head of Global Services

Fireside Chat

The Rise of the Digital Economy: Transforming Your Business Through a Crisis


Sarah Jones Simmer

Chief Strategy Officer


Isabelle Le Blanc

Head of Vendor Management EMEA


Brendan Mulryan

Vice President of Member Services

Roundtable Moderators

Ori Dugari

Senior Director of Service Operations


Caroline Tuan

Operations Executive and Branding Leader


Brian White

Director of Customer Experience


Jackie Craver

Senior Director of Community Support


Hetal Shah

Vice President of Product & Operations


Mary Tek

Senior Manager of Vendor Programs


Cristina Bruns

Associate Director of Strategy


Justin Sundheimer

Vice President of Customer Operations


Heather Gonzalez

CX Operations Manager


Bernie Leas

Vice President of Operations


Marta Valer

CX Strategy Manager


Brandon Watson

Telephony and Extended Operations Manager


Lisa Stoner

Global Head of Support Operations


Louis Ross

Vice President of Customer Service


Matt Newcomer

Vice President of Operations


Seth Marstrand

Customer Support Manager


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  1. How Mobile Technology is Reshaping CX

    Discover how mobile technology innovators are reshaping a seamless customer experience to cater people’s need to stay connected and the increase in customer engagement via mobile.

  2. Should You Return to the Office: When and How?

    With health and safety as the primary concern, learn how businesses big and small devise strategies and procedures to resume in-office operations.

  3. Trust and Safety at Home: Content Moderation in the New Normal

    Ensuring online content is monitored, protected, and curated as digital footprint and exposure increase in the “new normal”.

  4. Maintaining Information Security Standards in Remote Work

    How standardizing the approach to information security can cover deliberate or accidental threats and gaps in a work-from-home environment.

  5. Engaging a Remote Workforce

    Reconciling with the need to effectively steer whilst empowering a remote workforce.

  6. How is Your Business Addressing the Demands of Diversity and Inclusion in 2020

    The pursuit of true Collaborative Solidarity in a time where becoming diverse and inclusive is mandatory.

  7. Supporting and Moderating a Virtual Dating World

    The challenge of curating an online community where members are safe to express themselves and find fulfilling relationships.


October 15

1:00PM PDT | 4:00PM EDT

Speaking Presentations

2:00PM PDT | 5:00PM EDT

Roundtable discussions

3:00PM PDT | 6:00PM EDT

Happy Hour with live performances!

For the benefit of:

For each attendee, TaskUs pledges one meal for Texans facing hunger through the Central Texas Food Bank.

Learn more at centraltexasfoodbank.org

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