TaskUs is coming soon to Albuquerque!

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TaskUs is rapidly expanding across the globe. We are excited to announce that Albuquerque, New Mexico, will be our next domestic location.


We work with over 100 of the most disruptive and dynamic businesses that want to change the world with us. Like us, our clients embrace cutting-edge technology, are digitally focused and demand the best customer experiences.


We are excited to be a part of the redevelopment of downtown Albuquerque and First Plaza. Albuquerque provides a wealth of talent and an emerging tech scene, which is the perfect combination for TaskUs. We plan to hire nearly 700 teammates in our downtown location and hope to continue growing well beyond this in the city and state.


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Talent Pool
Central Location


We selected Albuquerque as our next center of excellence for a number of reasons.


The economic job market is strong.  Albuquerque offers a higher relative pay when compared to higher cost-of-living locations and big cities across the United States.


Albuquerque’s millennial population is growing – a talent pool that relates well to our clients’ customers as a user base themselves.  There is also an abundance of college students from which to recruit, and we’re very excited to partner with UNM (University of New Mexico) and CNM (Central New Mexico Community College).


Finally, the physical location of Albuquerque fits perfectly as well.  The Mountain time-zone enables convenient customer service operating hours and cost-effective site visits with short travel times.


Interested in partnering with TaskUs or becoming a vendor? Please email us at info@taskus.com.



TaskUs looks forward to breaking ground on our new facility in the 4th quarter of 2018.  We will also make key leadership hires this year.  By 2021, we plan to have hired 700 employees – or more!


With the possible exception of a few managers, we don’t plan to relocate anyone. We plan to hire the vast majority of our employees from the local community.


We’re looking for people who are ready for the next big thing! We owe that to our clients and to our fellow teammates to continue to hire the best quality talent to deliver exceptional customer experiences.  We are looking for people with more than just job competence, we are looking for talented individuals with the following characteristics: critical thinking, multi-tasking, attention to detail, troubleshooting skills, exceptional customer service skills


New employees will be in the areas of digital marketing for sales and services, customer care, operations, and supervision among others. We will be looking for energetic, innovative people.

Down town
Giving Back


In addition to bringing jobs to Albuquerque, we are looking forward to being interwoven into the fabric of this community.


We are excited to be a part of the redevelopment of downtown Albuquerque and First Plaza.  We think our company culture will be a vibrant addition to the area.


We tailor our office space to match the culture and feel of the surrounding community. The space at First Plaza will be unique and reflect the personality of our workforce.  We plan to use local suppliers and contractors whenever possible.


At our other locations, we have established robust community programs, and we are looking forward to bringing that here too.

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