TaskUs is a company comprised of hard working, passionate and fun loving individuals bonded together by one common goal: revolutionize the way businesses get work done, one day at a time.


TaskUs founders, Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir, have been business partners since their teenage years at Santa Monica High School. In 2008, they left their jobs to start a virtual personal assistant company that would allow busy professionals to outsource their lives, one task at a time.

They started working with service providers from over a dozen different countries and testing out skill sets that ranged from data entry to blog writing. Time and time again, they found the highest quality work and had great experiences working with teams in the Philippines. With a highly educated English speaking population and modern infrastructure, its no surprise that the Philippines is the number 1 destination in the world for outsourcing business process.

In 2009, TaskUs built its first office in Manila with a core team of five team members. The founders also quickly realized that the same high level service they were offering to busy professionals was desperately needed by businesses. With a dedicated core team in place and a new vision for changing the way work gets done, TaskUs began to work with the most innovative companies in the world, offering the same fanatical level of customer service and attention to detail that the company was founded upon.

Today, many of the biggest and most exciting companies in the world trust TaskUs with their daily business processes that free them to focus on true innovation, and the TaskUs family has grown from two childhood friends to an international organization of hundreds. Join us and let’s redefine the way the world works!


We don’t consider ourselves to be “ninjas,” “rockstars” or any other catchy term for incredibly smart employees. Rather, we are an organization comprised of talented individuals banded together by common goals and core values.

  • NIA_TASKUS WEBSITE Nia Mangulabnan

    Nia MangulabnanRecruitment Manager

    An economics graduate and experienced nurse, Nia began her career in the BPO industry when she joined TaskUs in 2010. She started out as a virtual assistant and as a transcriptionist and has been HR Assistant. Since then her dedication and hard work helped TaskUs find and hire the right people for the job. Nia’s steady and persistent pursuit for excellence made her a Recruitment Manager and a leader of her own team. She has proven that diligence, dedication, and continuous commitment to improving oneself and exceeding expectations is the right way to succeed.

    When she’s not busy screening new applicants and inspiring new hires, Nia is a full-time wife and mother to her three lovely daughters. She loves watching movies with her husband Apollo, going on delicious food trips and singing her heart out at karaoke.


    Charles GavinoManaging Director, Philippines

    Joining TaskUs Philippines in 2010, Charles has been a significant part of TaskUs’ growth and evolution. Starting his career in the BPO industry back in 2004 during college, he has worked with numerous US telecommunication companies such as: AT&T, Sprint, and BellSouth. Jumped from being an agent to a Subject Matter Expert in less than 3 months, being consecutively awarded as a top member of the operations team for 3 quarters at a time, and finally getting a chance in joining the core training team was just part and parcel of his drive to succeed in the industry. After learning about TaskUs from a colleague, he set out to see for himself what the startup was all about and after having a conversation with Bryce about the opportunity and direction the company was taking, immediately got on board and became part of the core management team in the Manila office.

    Currently, Charles is the Managing Director of TaskUs. He is based in the Philippines, where he oversees and works with the entire operations team to identify and provide specific needs, assist in the progress of the site’s compliance on all local government laws and regulations, and keep a close eye on capital expenditure. When he is not at the helm of the Manila office, you can typically find Charles working out, experimenting on local produce for his recipes at home, or blasting through one of the Mountain passes in his motorbike!


    Frisco OctavoOperations Manager

    Frisco joined TaskUs in early 2013 as an Operations Manager, bringing more than 10 years of experience in the BPO industry. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, he radiates a sincere passion for delivering solutions. Prior to joining Task Us, Frisco has proved his visionary style of leadership while contributing to the growth of many Philippine BPO firms. He has also held responsible positions in handling accounts such as medical, financial, collections, customer service, and inbound/outbound sales. He has set his sight on overseeing strategies and functions to support the company’s vision using his expertise in operations management, team management, performance management, quality assurance, process improvement, coaching, and sales strategies. For more than 10 years of experience, Frisco has demonstrated his ability in growing and scaling his campaigns aggressively, which makes him one of the current driving forces behind the development of Task Us.

    Frisco’s passion also goes beyond improving business. He also enjoys playing chess and other board games, travelling, going to the beach, and movie marathon with his family.


    Johnny CatabayFinance Director

    Johnny joined in second quarter of 2013 to head the Finance team in the Philippines. A Certified Public Accountant by profession and graduating Cum Laude with a degree in Accountancy from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM), Johnny carries with him an extensive professional experience in various finance capacities as external auditor, Finance Manager, Controller , and Vice President – Finance . He also handled non-Finance positions like Operations and Logistics management. Most recently, Johnny was on the founding team of a BPO company where he assumed the positions of Finance Head and Assistant General Manager for nearly a decade. Through financial projections and financial statements analysis, Johnny was able to secure multi-million peso funding  through long-term loans and equity infusion for a telecommunications company and manufacturing firm he worked for. Johnny is likewise skilled in achieving cost efficiency through contract negotiations, setting up financial policies, and formulating systems and procedures.

    A traditional Filipino family man, Johnny spends weekends with his family playing tablet games at home, shopping, and going to church.

  • Daniel Gonzalez Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel GonzalezClient Services Manager

    Daniel joined TaskUs in December 2013 as the newest U.S Operations Manager. Previously at Airbnb, Daniel developed their top-tier customer service channel known as “White Glove” (think Navy SEALs of Customer Service), supporting 150+ customer service representatives and ensuring premier experiences for VIPs. Known to be ready and willing to dive into any issue and project, Daniel’s management experience has seen him spearheading endless varieties of creative tasks: from customer service, email lead generation, non-profit internal auditing, media development, webcasting, audio/video event production, organizing a community film festival, and even motivational public speaking.  This key versatility allows him to match TaskUs’ unique business processes offerings with the world’s most unique and innovative companies. He is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton with a B.A. in Communications and Human Communication.

    Daniel’s free time is spent exploring the world; by foot, automobile, plane, train, and when all else fails, via the web. He believes diving deep in to obscure music, art, ideas, and cultural movements help him understand and better live the world of tomorrow, today.

  • TaskUs Founder Bryce Maddock Bryce Maddock
    TaskUs Founder Bryce Maddock

    Bryce MaddockCEO

    Bryce is the co-founder and CEO of TaskUs, where he is responsible for managing day-to-day operations and driving the vision and strategy of the company. At the age of 27, Bryce has scaled TaskUs from five employees to over 500 teammates internationally. A fanatic of boosting efficiency (he can run a three hour marathon), Bryce brings a passion for helping businesses scale that is unparalleled in the industry. In-line with his habitual overachieving, in 2013, Bryce became one of the youngest founders to make the Inc. 500 list when TaskUs was recognized as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in America.

    In 2008, Bryce and longtime friend Jaspar Weir founded TaskUs with the vision of changing the way the world works. Prior to founding TaskUs, Bryce was an investment banking analyst at Rodman & Renshaw in New York City. He graduated summa cum laude from New York University with a bachelor’s in international politics. Bryce is a contributor to the Huffington Post, and frequently writes and speaks about the future of work and disruptive innovation.

  • MV New Melissa Vitek
    MV New

    Melissa VitekVP of Finance and Administration

    Melissa joined in early 2013 to manage the Finance and Accounting functions for TaskUs.  Melissa brings an analytical eye and is always striving for improvements in efficiency.  Melissa is a startup junkie and enjoys taking companies through their next phase of development.  In 2012, Melissa moved to California and helped launch a co-working/incubator facility in the heart of Hollywood.  As Head of Operations, she managed the backend of business and advised local startups with their finance and accounting needs.  Prior to her west coast move, Melissa was on the founding team of GeoGlobal Energy, a  private equity fund.  Through deal and financial analysis support, Melissa facilitated the investment of $250 million in green energy projects worldwide.  Melissa was intimately involved in establishing a Chilean investment platform and enjoys working with international teams.

    Melissa is always striving for continual improvement and is eager to increase the scope of her financial knowledge.  She is actively pursuing her CFA charter and plans to sit for the Level 3 exam this summer. When she’s not studying, Melissa is enjoying the Southern California climate and can be found hiking with her husband and dogs, lounging at the beach, or stretching on her yoga mat.

  • Steve New Steve Jackson
    Steve New

    Steve JacksonFinancial Manager

    Steve joined in early 2014 to help manage the Finance and Accounting functions for TaskUs. Originally from Montana, Steve moved to California in 2011 to work in Big 4 accounting, specializing in Private Client Services for PwC’s tax group. Although he enjoyed working in Northern California, he knew he was meant for greater and warmer things down south.  Prior to moving to the West Coast, Steve received his Masters in Accountancy from Montana State University.

    When Steve is not working, he can be found hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, snowboarding, playing tennis or watching the most recent sports event.

  • King King Leung

    King LeungClient Services Manager

    King Leung has wasted little time establishing himself as an efficiency expert. King gained extensive international project and operations management experience during a leadership program in Singapore under Executive Coach International Pte Ltd. Becoming the President of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Davis Chapter from 2011-2012, King’s ability to recruit and train was immediately tested. The management team is down to two people with dwindling general membership. His recruitment and management abilities enabled him to interview and train a brand new management team in an expedited timeframe. His transformational leadership propelled the leadership chapter in a complete turnaround in member enrollment and involvement from 27 members to 120 active members within his one year term. King possesses a special skill in his extreme attention to detail. He mastered this during his involvement with Morgan Stanley’s Financial Training Program, where he learned directly from the Senior Vice President of the company. Additionally, King has a relentless drive for achievement. In March 2011, King played an active role in a record breaking campaign team that broke the Singapore’s national record at the “Leap of Dreams” event. Today, King continues his commitment to a high performing team in TaskUs as a highly effective Operations Manager.

    Outside of the office, King enjoys spending time with his family and catching up with friends. Considering the rigorous international travel requirements, working as a member of the TaskUs operations team affords King the opportunity to jetset to some of his favorite destinations. Ask King where he wants to go next. He will be happy to tell you and probably invite you along for the journey!


    Marissa JavierBudget Manager

    Marissa joined TaskUs in November 2013. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy from De La Salle University-Aguinaldo. Marissa brings over a decade of real world experience to TaskUs, she has expertise in business aspects such as payroll and benefits to name just a few.

    Marissa enjoys every challenges at work. She is passionate about producing excellent work and loves to work on process improvement to streamline operations. She loves the opportunity to learn more and share her knowledge with others. For Marissa, inspiring others to dream more, learn more, do more is of the upmost importance.

    When she’s not at work, she’s a full time wife, and mother to her 3 kids. Ultimately, collecting happy memories with her family & watching her kids grow is priceless.

  • Martin Ayala Martin Ayala
    Martin Ayala

    Martin AyalaOffice Manager

    Martin is a Los Angeles native. He brings his extensive office and business administration background to the role of Office Manager at TaskUs HQ. Having worked previously in offices of different sizes and industries, Martin prides himself on his ability to just get things done… in style. He knows the city inside and out and loves to incorporate his passion for all things LA to the Office Manager role, from finding new local vendors to tapping into his established network of professionals. Martin understands the nuances and dynamics of an office and business, and what makes him ridiculously good at being office manager is his passion and drive.

    This passion and vigor for life spills over to his affinity for cooking and profound interest in sports. On the weekends you will find him either reading up on the next food trend in LA or getting his friends together for an impromptu game of soccer. If all else fails just look for him in his kitchen, you wont miss him.


    Elaine DarvinOperations Manager

    Elaine has almost 9 years of work experience primarily in the domain of Customer Management Solutions.  Graduating Cum Laude with a degree in Chemical Engineering from De La Salle University Manila, Elaine strived hard to adapt to the complexities of the call center industry right after graduation.  Prior to joining TaskUs, Elaine became part of the pioneering companies in the Philippine BPO industry. She  has extensive experience in managing different lines of businesses such as financial, telecommunications, hospitality and internet search engine campaigns. Her core strength lies in adapting to changing needs and delivering results. Among Elaine’s achievements are accelerating innovation, process improvement management, and creating a work environment focused on attracting, developing and retaining the best people.

    Being a family-oriented woman, Elaine spends quality time with her husband and son when she is not at the office. She enjoys the most complex and demanding responsibilities of being a mother. She also loves travelling and discovering beautiful places. TaskUs is excited to have Elaine as a new member of the family and looks forward to see her excel.

  • JAP_TASKUS WEBSITE Jasper Darvin

    Jasper DarvinOperations Manager

    Jasper joined TaskUs in November of 2013, was immediately assigned to head one of the company’s biggest campaigns, and has since grown his team.

    He initially worked as a customer service representative and soon progressed into the Operations Manager role.  He can multitask and has the ability to work across multiple departments on a large scale. Backed up with a decade of experience in the BPO industry, he proudly holds all his campaigns for TaskUs in good order.

    Jasper puts great value in empowering one’s self, integrity, and transparency, as these have paved the way in his success as a manager and a team player. He does his best to impart these values with those he works with in order to maintain a productive environment.

    If not at work, Jasper finds joy in being a caring husband to his wife and dad to his 7-year-old son.

  • IMG_7833 Taleen Askejian

    Taleen AskejianExecutive Assistant

    Taleen Askejian is the wearer of many hats, shoes, and any other fabulous accessory that completes TaskUs Santa Monica’s wardrobe. As the Executive Assistant at TaskUs, Taleen unites her extreme organizational skills with a professional background in leadership and hospitality, thus creating a ridiculously effective and happy environment. Previously, Taleen helped manage UCSB’s Family Vacation Center, an all-inclusive family camp with a staff of 50 college-aged students responsible for entertaining 2,000 vacationers each summer. Taleen’s final role at the FVC as Assistant Director utilized her staff management and development skills. As a graduate of the USC School of Social Work, Taleen echoes TaskUs’ Core Values by implementing her foundation in program management, community building, and leadership.

    As a stereotypical Sagittarius, Taleen constantly plans for new travels, new pets, and new laughs.

  • Ray2 Ray Klostermann

    Ray KlostermannVice President of Sales

    Ray joined the TaskUs team July 2014 as Vice President of Sales, bringing over two decades of business development and sales leadership within the BPO space. He is an outsourcing industry pioneer and is known for driving rapid and profitable expansion into numerous industry segments that include a well-diversified array of happy clients. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Sales to as US headquartered, Nearshore contact center outsourcing organization where he was responsible for global revenue, client relationship management and marketing strategy. Previously, Ray spent 8 years as Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer at Technology Leasing Corporation, where he created a full service direct leasing organization providing competitive leasing solutions catering towards large scale ERP (Microsoft, SAP, Oracle) implementations. Ray began his career bringing together four main ingredients; people, process, service and technology, into a combination of value driven solutions for every client he impacts along the way. Ray earned a BS degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

    When Ray is spending time away with his family, Ray is enjoying the Southern California climate and can be found hiking, biking, lounging at the beach, enjoying a great happy hour with friends, or simply traveling and enjoying all of the great places to experience on this planet.

  • Ashir Badami, TaskUs Director of Marketing Ashir Badami
    Ashir Badami, TaskUs Director of Marketing

    Ashir BadamiDirector of Marketing

    Ashir Badami joined TaskUs in 2014 as the Director of Marketing. Drawing from a decade of experience that includes experience in journalism, custom publishing and digital marketing strategy, Ashir’s approach to marketing fuses business strategy with a content heart. Never a fan of accepting the status quo as the limit of possibility, Ashir brings a desire to experiment and a fervor for measurable performance to TaskUs’s marketing and brand building activities.

    A native of India, Ashir is an admitted bicycle junkie who loves travel, good coffee, meditation, obscure musical references, yoga and chili peppers — definitely not in that order. When he is not at TaskUs, Ashir is usually taking up too many tables at a coffee shop in Santa Monica while trying to make a dent in his reading list.


    Mel GuerzonOperations Manager

    Mel was among the pioneers that helped bring TaskUs to where it is now. Mel is a silent worker and has consistently set a high expectation of herself in all the pilot runs and projects she works on. She started as a Virtual Assistant in her early years with the company and her commitment to excellence has led her to become an Operations Manager handling proof of concepts for TaskUs. And although she has come a long way from being one of the pioneer virtual assistants, she remains passionate and driven to help bring the team to where it should be despite all the challenges involved in a growing company.

    As head of the POC Team in the Philippines, she sees to it that her team sets a high standard for total customer satisfaction — which is truly what TaskUs is known for. Mel prefers to stay at home reading books, watch movies, and bang on her drums.


    Louie GauzonOperations Manager

    Louie is a licensed graduate of Electronics and Communications Engineering and a Cisco Certified Network Associate. He joined TaskUs as an Operations Manager in December of 2013 working since then on a wide variety of campaigns.

    He is very hands-on with his projects and possesses a strong grasp of the essential tools required to work in the BPO business where he has 9 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies for customer service, technical support, billing and sales.

    He adds a touch of his own flair to every campaign he manages and pays great attention to every detail whether it relates to customer service, data entry and analysis, reports generation, quality processes or admin support. Louie is always happy to lend his experience to a fellow employee and prides himself in having a great relationship with both his clients and fellow team members.

    An avid foodie, Louie loves to cook. He loves to travel and play video games in his spare time.

  • Omar New Omar Leung
    Omar New

    Omar LeungClient Services Manager

    Omar brings to TaskUs a passion and understanding of startups, and invaluable experience managing global teams. He possesses process-oriented thinking skills, high attention to detail and a proven track record of creating strong and lasting client partnerships. Previously, he was a project manager at NDS, a small market research firm that services engineers, real estate developers and urban planners. During his last two years there, Omar spearheaded utilizing outsourcing from the Philippines and India. He is excited to be working hand-in-hand with the TaskUs team in the Philippines, servicing some of his favorite Internet companies.

    When Omar is away from the office, he’s most likely exploring the outdoors.  You can find him biking, hiking, camping, snowboarding and scuba diving all over the world.  Omar loves exploring the city he grew up in; whether he’s eating at a hole in the wall restaurant or seeing live bands at the many music venues Los Angeles has to offer, Omar is always ready for an adventure.

  • Bo New Jason Bo Bliss
    Bo New

    Jason Bo BlissNew Business Manager

    As one of the newest members of the business development team, Bo is extremely excited to be prospecting and calling some of the hottest companies in the high-growth internet space. Being a tech-lover, he is thrilled to be working at a company that is focused on growing and supporting game-changing companies. Bo’s competitive spirit has allowed him to thrive in the fast-paced environment that is TaskUs.

    After studying environmental policy at UC Davis, he developed a deep appreciation for Northern California and all things outdoors. While doing business development for an IT Solutions company outside Sacramento, he grew to love sales, but knew he would prefer the organized chaos of a growing startup. Five years after moving to Northern California, he returned to Southern Cal to be closer to the beach, his friends, and to join the TaskUs family.When not reaching out to prospects, Bo can be found hanging out with his longtime friends or enjoying his number one vice–quality beer.

  • SONNY_TASKUS WEBSITE Sonny Narcelles

    Sonny NarcellesIT Manager

    Sonny has been with TaskUs since January 2013 as Director of IT Personnel. Sonny ensures that the center’s network runs smoothly. He is a Cisco Certified Network Associate and a certified Microsoft Professional. His expertise in these areas allowed him to not only help TaskUs improve its internal technological systems, but also helps his team learn how such systems work. A level-headed perfectionist, Sonny prides himself in making sure that every job is done right in addition to providing top quality customer service to TaskUs. As a caring team player, Sonny is dedicated to learning about personal goals and improving oneself, he has always been ready to lend a hand when in the center.

     Sonny loves dogs; he has a Labrador, a Rottweiler, and a Golden Retriever as pets. He spends his weekends with his family and whenever he’s not at work, he’s usually outside riding his bike or playing basketball.


  • Andy Andy Morris

    Andy MorrisVice President of Process & Technology

    Andy is a recent addition to the TaskUs executive team, where he is responsible for defining and driving company strategy, leadership recruiting, and operations. Before joining TaskUs, Andy was Senior Director of Global Customer Operations for Expedia.  In this capacity, Andy led a global team responsible for opening and closing call centers, implementing new processes and technologies, and developing and executing operations strategy.

    Prior to his time at Expedia, Andy led client service teams at The Boston Consulting Group, with a focus on strategy and operations engagements at high growth companies, largely in the consumer, technology and travel/leisure industries.  Andy started his career as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company, where he learned to love data and to be driven by results.  He also spent several years as a private equity investor at Castanea Partners, where he focused on middle-market opportunities in the consumer, retail, publishing, and business services sectors. Andy studied economics and psychology at Yale University.  Later, he received an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Outside of work, Andy is hard to find, as he is usually on a flight to explore a corner of the globe with his wife, Lynne. His travels to date have brought him to 70 countries on all 7 continents.  A lifelong sports fan, Andy has been to every major league baseball stadium, but is happiest on a family ski vacation, when he can combine his passion for travel with his love of skiing and family.

  • TaskUs Founder Jaspar Weir Jaspar Weir
    TaskUs Founder Jaspar Weir

    Jaspar WeirPresident

    Jaspar is the co-founder and president of TaskUs, where he leads the overall growth and strategy, while overseeing the sales and marketing departments. In 2008, Jaspar and high school friend Bryce Maddock founded TaskUs with the vision of changing the way the world works. From 2009 to 2012, Jaspar grew the company’s revenue by 1,893 percent. In 2013, TaskUs was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in America, making Jaspar – at age 27 – one of the youngest founders to land on the Inc. 500. Jaspar’s ability to grow revenue is rivaled only by his dedication to eating the healthiest foods this planet has to offer. It’s rumored that for breakfast he goes for a swim outside of his house in Venice Beach, leaving his mouth open, consuming only seaweed and raw fish along the way.

    Jaspar received a bachelor’s in communication from the University of Southern California. While there, Jaspar and Bryce started their first profitable business, an event production and promotion company. Today, Jaspar is the chair of the Los Angeles Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards, the premier award for students that own and operate businesses while attending college.

  • TaskUs Team Member Matthew Mink Matthew Mink
    TaskUs Team Member Matthew Mink

    Matthew MinkSr Director of Process & Technology

    Matthew Mink is a Los Angeles native who is the U.S. Operations Director based in our Santa Monica office. With a background in lean processes and Project Management, Matthew was a natural fit for the Operations team at TaskUs. As the only member of the TaskUs Santa Monica team with a degree in Design, Matthew is particularly strong with detailed and complex projects and brings a unique perspective on operations with his experience in product design manufacturing. Matthew also has experience in vendor onboarding, remote team management and consulting with start ups that include BetterWorks and GameDesk. His attention to detail is remarkable and his impact at TaskUs was immediately felt as he was able to improve efficiency and results for two of our largest campaigns. It became immediately evident that Matthew jumps at any opportunity to tackle a challenge. While his time at TaskUs is relatively short compared to some of the longer tenured members of the Operations team, Matthew is clearly going to be a force as many of the agents he manages have been rapidly promoted to management.

    As our resident vegan, Matthew is actively changing the health and lifestyles of his fellow employees for the better. With interests in health and fitness, all kinds of music, and traveling the world, Matthew fits right in at TaskUs.


    Ryan BobosOperations Manager

    Ryan joined TaskUs in August 2011 when he saw the boundless opportunities within the company. Ryan started his career in IT field support for almost 5 years before moving to the BPO industry in 2004. He was exposed to multiple facets of the industry such as Technical Support, Operations and Quality Assurance. He was part of a pioneer campaign that grew to 700+ full time employees and was deeply involved in developing processes and improving quality. He is a self-motivated person and always aims for perfection. Ryan continues to contribute and be part of the TaskUs’ continuous growth.

    Ryan enjoys spending quality time with his wife and son and watching movies and TV series marathons.

  • TaskUs Team Member Christine Nguyen Christine Nguyen
    TaskUs Team Member Christine Nguyen

    Christine NguyenProcess & Technology Manager

    Christine Nguyen is the spark and energy behind TaskUs. As a member of the TaskUs operations team, Christine compliments her project management experience with a “never say never” attitude and contagious positive outlook. While working at Clear Channel Radio, Christine worked with an elite sales team to streamline the sales operation process and implemented plans to execute marketing and promotional campaigns for the top advertising agencies and movie studios. As a graduate from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, Christine possesses a strong foundation in accounting, project management, designing internal processes and cultivating client relationships. She prides herself in her attention to detail and strong work ethic. After 6 years at Clear Channel, Christine brings her expertise to the TaskUs team where her main duties include onboarding new clients and overseeing client campaigns. Christine specializes in customer support as her past career experience in account management have attributed to her tremendous ability to exceed customer expectations.

    She enjoys visiting the team in the Philippines and can’t wait to return to her “home away from home”. When she’s not at the office, Christine is most likely leading TaskUs trips to the gym, rooting for her Trojans on college football Saturdays or checking out the latest/greatest dj’s in the Los Angeles area. She loves trying new restaurants, traveling and spending time with her family and friends. Warning, Christine’s laughter is infectious. Prepare to get happy.

  • IMG_7838 Jon Wouters

    Jon WoutersClient Services Director

    Jon is the most recent Operations Manager to join the TaskUs Santa Monica team. He caught the startup bug in 2008 as the first hire of an online rewards-for-recycling startup in LA. Jon grew with the company, spearheading the deployment of more than 1000 recycling kiosks, eventually becoming the Director of Operations for their LA office. Eager for a new type of challenge, Jon is excited to bring his love of people management to the international operations of TaskUs.

    His strength in management does not stop there: Jon is an accomplished drummer of 20 years. That’s what brought him out to Los Angeles in the first place. When not traveling to Manila, you will find him listening to or playing music… And obviously hanging out with the most amazing dog in the world and TaskUs mascot, Dixie.


    Carlo MendozaOperations Manager

    Carlo joined TaskUs March 2013 and immediately took on responsibility for five start-up campaigns. Carlo has had more than 10 years of leadership experience in the BPO industry. He started out as a Technical Support e-Rep for PeopleSupport and quickly moved up the corporate ladder. He has since then managed multiple facilities with more than a thousand employees and moved on to manage multi-level professionals. From handling sales/retention services to technical/operational support, Carlo has continuously delivered ace performance. He keeps himself motivated by seeing to it that he provides his team with sufficient support and guidance for each goal they set for themselves. He exercises the kind of management style that has been proven highly effective, because most of those who’ve had the privilege of being under his leadership know that he is one to encourage individual style in project management. His work ethic involves trust in his team without being overly dependent on them for decisions he himself needs to make as a manager.

    He is currently into boxing with his long-time friends during his days off and tries his best to resist fast food as much as possible.

  • TaskUs Team Member Tyler Rachal Tyler Rachal
    TaskUs Team Member Tyler Rachal

    Tyler RachalBusiness Development Manager

    With a degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California, he actually began his career in Industrial Real Estate where he managed the marketing of over 4 million square feet of property in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eventually, he decided to leave his firm to venture out as an independent marketing consultant. Major projects and accounts with Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, Front Burner Brands and Breastcancer.org defined his early accomplishments in marketing. Connected by mutual friends, TaskUs co-founder Jaspar Weir initially tasked Tyler with a few consulting projects. The fit was perfect and Tyler’s strong work led to him to taking a permanent position at TaskUs as Communications Manager. Simply put, Tyler eats, sleeps and breathes startup culture and eagerly tackles any opportunity to brand or define TaskUs as a market leader.

    As an avid lover of music and all things that are delicious, Tyler can often be found attending concerts across the US and actively seeks out the latest and greatest in the Los Angeles culinary scene. Whether rooting on his beloved USC Trojans on Saturdays or checking out the hottest indie bands, he is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet.

  • FRANK_TASKUS WEBSITE Frank Malabanan

    Frank MalabananIT Director

    Frank joined TaskUs in October 2013 as IT Director. He overlooks the IT department utilizing over 2 decades of extensive IT experience. At TaskUs he currently manages, maintains and develops information technology strategies focused around IT security administration, network/system administration, technical support development, and project management. Frank excels in his interpersonal communication skills and uses this ability to lead his team through any project and situation. Frank prides himself on his work ethic and ability to multi task. He can adjust to any scenario and provides leadership, vision, mentoring and management to the IT department.

    On his free time, Frank enjoys spending quality time with his family. He loves watching movies, playing basketball with his two sons and singing videoke songs with his wife and lovely daughter.

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  • Inspire Others By Believing In Yourself
  • Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
  • Do More With Less
  • Continuous Self Improvement
  • Strive For Excellence

Inspire Others By Believing In Yourself

A positive can-do attitudes is infectious. We face challenges in our work, and we welcome them with confidence and relish in the opportunity to prove to ourselves what we are capable of. From the top to the bottom, TaskUs believes in our employees and we are willing to prove ourselves, daily.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Individually, we are strong, together, we are extraordinary. We work together from around the globe, bonded together with a shared vision and values.Whether we're in Santa Monica or Manila, we are one united team that leans on each other to achieve our goals.

Do More With Less

Starting a business in the middle of a recession with limited experience and no capital requires resourcefulness, and this attitude still permeates our culture. Lean and efficient processes define our service offering and we are constantly reviewing internal operations to insure maximum efficiency.

Continuous Self Improvement

At TaskUs, we have an incredible opportunity to positively improve the lives and educations of our employees and their families. Continuing Education classes and leadership seminars are some of the opportunities afforded to our employees in order to foster Continuous Self Improvement.

Strive For Excellence

Work with a company that has the same drive as yours. Startups possess the ability to skyrocket from a small business to an overnight sensation. We will match your enthusiasm and hard work ethic. No task is too small. TaskUs seamlessly adapts your company culture and works with you to grow your business.


At TaskUs, we have the unique opportunity to greatly improve the lives and well being of the hundreds of our employees and their families in the Philippines. TaskUs Team Members are the lifeblood of our company and we are able to continuously achieve remarkable feats because of their hard work and dedication. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to play an active role in the improvement and evolution of the Philippines.

$138: That’s the budget per student, per year at public schools in the Philippines. That is 99% less than the annual budget for students in public schools in the United States. Hence, we have created the Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Limitless Opportunities Initiative. Annually, TaskUs will be driving various efforts to raise and match funding that will contribute directly to the educations of our employees’ family members. The Philippines has recently surpassed India in becoming the number one destination in the world for Business Process Outsourcing services. It’s imperative that we give our employees the necessary tools to succeed and aid the Philippines in becoming a global business power.

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